2014 Trends in Kitchen Color

New Year, New Hue

With each New Year comes a new trend in kitchen color.   2014 is no different.   This year’s trends in kitchen paint colors are making the kitchen “stand out” amongst the other rooms in the house.   The kitchen will no longer be the boring room, but will be the room that everyone will want to spend time in.   The new kitchen paint colors allow for more options and decorating opportunities.   Feel free to express yourself in whatever way that you want.

How to Pick New Kitchen Paint & Kitchen Paint Colors? Here are some tips & ideas that we have gathered from surveying the folks. These are indicative of what is on people’s mind. Choosing Kitchen Colors can bring that long lost sizzles back into your home!

The 2014 trends in kitchen paint colors will stand the test of time. They are here to stay and will not go out with the next big thing. From painting your walls, reupholstering the kitchen furniture and choosing a new hue in appliances, the 2014 trends in kitchen color are seen everywhere. Kitchen paint in shades of grey, yellow, red, blue and purple are sure to delight even the toughest critics.

With the era of stainless steel or black appliances comes matching colors that are sure to make any kitchen stand out.   Kitchen paint in shades of grey are seen everywhere.   The “Industrial” kitchen is sure to make any household cook feel like a gourmet chef.   It will turn your kitchen from being outdated to looking like it just stepped out of the future.   Accent walls that have a kitchen paint color of gray or black will help to make that “industrial” feel more apparent and is sure to make your kitchen a showplace.

Kitchen paint color in shades of yellow, purple and blue are seen pretty much everywhere you look.   These colors are sure to please anyone’s eye and make the kitchen seem like a delicate delight.   Take your kitchen from drab to bright and airy.   Any tone of these colors is sure to please and to put a smile on your face whenever you walk into your kitchen.   Walls, accents, appliances, upholstery and the alike can all be coordinated to work well in these colors within the kitchen.   Don’t be afraid to add color to your life.   They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home; then why not make it “happy” with bright colors?

Red is said to be soothing and relaxing.   That’s why you see it in many restaurants.   Now, we are taking that “feel” and logic into the kitchen.   Manufacturers are evening answering the call by offering red appliances.   Red paint for the kitchen will take your kitchen from boring to looking like it is state of the art.   Don’t be afraid to punch up the color of your kitchen with red paint.

2014 trends in kitchen paint colors are sure to please pretty much anyone who has the desire to “stay with the times” and knowing how to pick kitchen colors can be just as simple as coordinating other accents with the appliances and walls or just by asking the sales associate.    Picking the right kitchen paint & color is all about right feel at the right time. These trends will help to take any kitchen from boring and drab to fabulous!

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