Light Fixture

Light fixture that holds up the sparkle

The mood of your home shows in your choices of a lighting fixture. What’s great is that you can create the mood you want with a minimum effort and expense. When you’re choosing a lighting fixture for your home, it’s important to make sure that you take into account three things — the mood you want to be able to create in a room, the function of the room and the rest of the decor in the room.

When you’re thinking mood in a lighting fixture, it’s easy to think about light levels and leave it at that. But, you have a lot more options than just whether or not your lighting is bright or dim! A lighting fixture can be simple as a brass wall lamp or as ornate as a crystal chandelier. You can choose a lighting fixture that is bold and bright, or subtle and mellow. Whatever you mood you want to create in your room is possible with the right lighting fixture. You wouldn’t want to put a bright light in a gothic, cast-iron lighting fixture, for instance. It would clash and instead of giving a romantic feel, would make the room feel like an interrogation chamber! Matching the light level to the lighting fixture is part of creating that mood.

But since we are dealing with light, that means we’re also dealing with the usefulness of the lighting fixture. What do you do in the room? Is it meant for formal dining? Is it an office where you need good, directed light to make sure that you’re getting your work done? Is it a bedroom where you want to be able to relax deeply and want soothing shapes and designs.

The right lighting fixture will help not only enhance the mood of a room, but the usefulness as well! When you primarily work in a room, you want a lighting fixture that goes well with bright light. Metals or bright enamels always work well with bright lighting. But for a softer look in a room where you relax, you’ll want a lighting fixture that matches with that mellow light level. Metals still work, but you don’t want them to be reflective. Matte finishes, pastel colors and lighting fixtures that give a soft luminescence are all good choices for rooms where you’re primarily entertaining or relaxing.

It is also important that your lighting fixture matches the decor of the room. Choose colors or fixtures that harmonize with your furniture, choices of wall and window treatments and other decoration. That glass chandelier that would look so lovely in your 18th Century Dining room would look silly in your Ranch style family room. But with the right lighting fixtures, you can give your home a glow.

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